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350 MPI Alpha Sterndrive Engine Only.  300 HP @ 5000 RPM, 350 Cubic Inch Fully Dressed Marine Engine.  Engine Features:  Special Flame Graphics, Multi‑Port Fuel Injection Using Cool Fuel II, Dry Joint Exhaust, Nodular Iron Crankshaft, Roller Camshaft, Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Heads, Stainless Steel Valves, 9.4:1 Htpereutectic Pistons. It uses ECM 555 with Engine Guardian and is SmartCraft ready, 10‑Pin Harness. Runs on 87 Octane Fuel. NOTE: If used with an Alpha One (GEN I) drive, this engine requires a Seawater pump kit 46‑8M0139983 & serpentine belt 57‑865615Q03 (sold separately) for proper cooling. 300 HP Remanufactured Sterndrive Engine. Replaces 5.0L, 5.0L EFI/MPI, 5.7L, 5.7L EFI/MPI and 350 Mag MPI sterndrive engines.

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Model/Varenr.: jd-8M0093550

350-MAG MPI ALPHA (engine only) NEW by Mercury Remanufacturing

MERCRUISER 350-MAG MPI ALPHA (ENGINE ONLY) NEW ENGINE BY MERCURY REMANUFACTURING. MERCURY Part#863611R11. 2-Year Mercury Factory Warranty. For Alpha Sterndrive. Specifications: Part Number: 863611R11 Horsepower @ flywheel:300 Maximum RPM(WOT):4600-5000 Cylinders:V-8 Remanufactured Iron Marine Block Displacement(CID/L)355/5.8 Bore&Stroke(in):4.03 x 3.48in Compression Ratio:9.4:1 Fuel/Ethanol Tolerance: 87 octane/up to 10% ethanol Engine Control System: ECM 555 W/Knock Control & Crankshaft Trigger. Fuel Delivery System: GEN II Cool Fuel with Boost Pump Fuel Injection System: Multi-point electronic fuel injection (MPI) Induction System: Two-piece long runner intake with 75mm throttle body Charging alternator:65 amp Charging alternator:917watt Water drain system: Multi-point drain. Exhaust System: Electro-deposition paint coated warm iron manifold with dry joint elbow. Cooling System:160F Raw Water Alpha. Accessory Drive System: Serpentine belt Lubrication System: High Flow 60 psi Oil Pump Recommended Oil: Mercury MerCruiser Synthetic Blend 25W-40, NMMA FC-W rated. Pistons:Cast Hypereutectic Alloy Cranktrain: Powder Metal Rods and Nodular Iron Crankshaft Rocker Arms: 1.5:1 Stamped Steel Length:(in/mm)32in / 814mm Width:(in/mm)30in / 740mm Height: (in/mm)22in / 559mm Weight: (lbs/kg)932lbs/423kg Features & Related Products: Analog Controls Analog Gauges Digital Gauges Full closed cooling (KIT) Hydraulic / Power steering Remote Oil filter SmartCraft Digital