Rustfri Propellersæt Bravo 3

Ved bestilling skriv eller ring til os for størrelse på Propellersæt
(19" til 30")
Front & rear propel kan bestilles løst.
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This amazing twin
prop drive system features stainless steel props: A

large diameter forward propeller and a smaller diameter aft propeller for

unbelievable handling and boat control.

Bravo Three features 4blade front, 3blade rear set that offers better

acceleration performance and enhanced holding. Bravo Three is

available in both matte and high polish finishes.

Aft Thrust Washer 805100T

Forward Thrust Washer 805101T

Aft Prop Nut 11805093

Forward Prop Nut 11805092T

19" 30" pitch. 30 pitch propellers are the prior 3 blade front/3 blade

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Rustfri Propellersæt Bravo 3